Bay Area Detailer: How To Deal With Black Paint

Black vehicles look beautiful. When they are new! If not properly taken care of, a new black vehicle can and will eventually lose its beautiful appearance once scratches and swirls will begin to appear in the paint if proper washing methods are not followed. The scratches are actually in the clear coat but for simplicity’s sake, I will use the term paint here.

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The vehicle pictured is an older VW that is a daily driver. All the owner wanted to do was bring some life back into the paint, not necessarily looking for paint correction but wanted to get rid of unsightly scratches and swirls that had accumulated and I was happy to be able to make a significant difference in the vehicle’s appearance.

As you can see in the photo, there are no “buffer marks” or holograms as is often see most visibly in black paint when improper polishing methods are used. When I polish black paint (or any color for that matter) you will never see unsightly holograms in your paint, just pure gloss. I use quality compounds and polishes from 3m and Menzerna with the best equipment and polishing pads combined with decades of experience to produce results that have kept my clients returning year after year.

If you have a black vehicle that is starting to show some age, wear and tear or perhaps you just purchased a pre-owned vehicle and would like your paint to look like new, polishing the paint is far less expensive and a faster turnaround than a complete repaint if you choose polishing. Honestly, after my services, don’t be surprised if you are asked if you had your vehicle repainted! 

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