Santa Clara, CA Detailing: When Bad Things Happen To Good People

The picture posted here is of a client’s black Honda Accord. This was a new car, less than a year old that only needed a sealant. A well-known, local “best of” location in the bay area was running an online deal (something which I HIGHLY DO NOT recommend for many reasons) so he took his car in for service. He received a phone call that his car was done, yet it seemed far too early to be done. He picked up the car and when he arrived home, his neighbors called him asking “what happened to your car?” When he went out and looked, he discovered that his “deal” was anything but a deal.

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Most likely because it was a discounted service, the “detailers” rushed through the job and left his entire car full of “buffer marks” or holograms as you can see in the top photo. The holograms are from improper polishing techniques plain and simple – in other words, someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. The bottom/after photo is what the paint looked like after I had to polish the entire car to make it look how it should have looked in the first place. Unfortunately, in the end it cost the owner much more than if he had just paid a qualified detailer in the first place to just do the job properly.

Remember, you get what you pay for. Even if you don’t hire me to detail your vehicle – just make sure your detailer has experience and knows what they are doing! Going on 29 years in the business now, you can be sure that I know a thing or two about polishing paint! I love what I do and will NEVER cut corners and when servicing your vehicle. You will never find holograms in your paint after my work is done.

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