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This is how mobile detailing works…

Owners like John, are on the go all the time and he drives a beautiful new black Audi. He needs someone to just keep his car looking great, just like new – he wants to look good whenever he goes out. Whether it is that big meeting with an important client, when trading in for another vehicle or attending a wedding, a car show – whatever the event, his car needs the proper attention. John wants the best but who can he trust to care for his vehicle? Who has over 25 years of experience? Who really knows how to gently clean and polish the paint without introducing scratches and swirls? How can he stay on track and not take time out of his busy day?

See how our mobile auto detailing works, so you can feel confident you’ve found an awesome detailer. At Pacific Detail Services you are not just a client – each appointment is more like a meeting of old friends! I’ve been at this since 1991 with no slowing down, so relax – your car is in good hands! The goal of every appointment is to meet the cosmetic needs of your vehicle(s) and provide honest, ethical business practices, hard work and the expertise that has been learned by decades of experience.

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 Mini Detail

A fantastic service for your well-maintained vehicle!

CAR $175 | SUV $250

Spring/Summer Special!

This special has been extended through out Summer because of Covid-19.

CAR $200 | SUV $250

Interior Detail, Sealant & Wax

For well-maintained vehicles (those who don’t need polishing) to enjoy a clean interior and a well-protected exterior.

CAR $375 | SUV $475

Proudly Serving the Bay Area & Monterey!

Contact me today to schedule your next detailing appointment, or for a quote on a custom detail project! All prices listed are for vehicles in good to average condition that receive cosmetic maintenance on a regular basis. Vehicles that are more soiled than average require more time to restore and will be evaluated and priced accordingly. Clay process as listed in detail packages does not include overspray removal – overspray removal is very time-consuming and is a separate service.

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Client Testimonials

“Robert is conscientious, detail-oriented, and offers very reasonable prices. I’ve used a lot of detail services in the past. None were nearly as good as Pacific Detail Services”

– Juan K.
San Jose, CA

“I know from personal experience he Pacific Detail Services does an exceptional job. Robert is first class and fairly priced…I recommend him 100%. No one touches my E55 AMG but him”

– Brian W.
San Jose, CA